Why You Should Continue Your Job Search This December

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And before we know it, December is here. Hasn’t 2018 flown?!

As the year comes to a close, many job seekers bring their job search to a halt. Now of course, without knowing the facts, Christmas seems an ineffective time to kickstart the application process. The ‘New Year, New Me’ mindset sets in and the Christmas celebrations begin. We can see exactly why it may be a temptation to shut down your laptop and push your job search to the back of your mind…

When in fact, December is one of the most practical times of year to push your job search! Recruitment happens all year-round as employers continuously strive to attract more talent, along with utilising the positive ‘New Year’ mindset by starting the year on a high.

If you are serious about obtaining a new role, whatever time of year, don’t stop your job search like many other job seekers! They are busy jeopardise their chances without even realising. If you use this month of excitement wisely, you’ll be walking away with a new job title for 2019 and some time to celebrate the festivities…

Why you should continue your job search

Companies are recruiting this December

Now you may find that job search platforms are bombarded with seasonal roles including Christmas temps. We can fully understand why this may cloud your judgment on the number of companies hiring for permanent senior roles this festive season. However, there are a large proportion of companies out there actively seeking new employees. If you are experiencing the above, maybe your job search strategies are a little off?

If you follow effective steps of job searching, such as LinkedIn adverts, recruitment sites and company career pages, you will see that hiring managers are looking to engage with people just like you! Yes, you heard me right, just like you this time of year!

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Less competition 

As more and more job seekers switch off for the festive season, the pool of talent decreases. But not you, no you understand why now is the perfect time to shine, right? 

As the talent pool for your area of expertise dwindles, there are greater opportunities for you to showcase your ability and stand out in your job search. This may seem an easy way out when considering your capabilities, when in fact it displays your drive and thirst to obtain a new role while others check out for Christmas!

This will show employers how you are serious about progressing your career, even if it’s throughout the busiest and most distracting month of the year.

Start the new year on a high

If you are in the position where you’re actively seeking new opportunities, there must be a reason behind it. For most, there is some form of negativity linked to their current role, pushing them for greater things. This is exactly why you’re currently on the job search right?

If this is the case, wouldn’t it be practical to start the new year on a high and leave your old experiences in 2018? For many, starting a New Year is an energising time where new, exciting goals are set. This is also the case for many companies. Therefore, it would be ideal to get your foot in the door now and hit the ground running for 2019!

Salary flexibility 

As the New Year creeps in, many companies have greater flexibility when considering salaries. They are busy forecasting their budgets for the new year ahead. Therefore, when you are busy sieving through job descriptions, do not disregard the ideal role based on salary expectations.
Now I’m not recommending you follow an unrealistic approach with your job search and communicate a demand for greater salaries. However, if you do move to the next stage of the application process, there’s more flexibility to present your desired benefits.

If a hiring manager really connects with you and believes you will be ideal for their company, they may have the ability to adjust figures a little. More likely now than any other time of year; this being exactly why your job search should continue!

Greater networking opportunities  

With office activity slowly declining as the 21st of December soon approaches, there’s much more time and opportunities to network. Think Christmas parties, company events and family get togethers.

Now we aren’t suggesting that you arrive at every event armed with your CV and portfolio. However, we recommend re-connecting with previous networks and opening your reach by discussing your career aspirations. Now this may not always be appropriate, however it is usually the route of a conversation when you bump into a previous colleague.

Showcase to others how you’re currently on the job search. This can open many avenues and lead you to opportunities you wouldn’t have even known about!


How to go about your festive job search?

Keep active: New jobs are added daily to online sites; therefore, it is important that you use your time wisely and request notifications when appropriate jobs are advertised. This will help you have an effective job search while enjoying the beginning of the festive season.

Engage with recruiters: Christmas may be on its way but remember that recruiters work with companies, actively seeking applicants like you daily, even on the run up to Christmas. This will boost your job search and provide you with a helping hand when searching for a role with career progression benefits.

Keep motivated: Throughout December, it may be easy to stop your job search and focus on other areas of your life. We understand how distractions creep in and it may be difficult to see past the celebrations. However, do not give in and keep yourself motivated with the prospect of starting the New Year with a brand-new shiny role. This is a key downfall for many on the job search, therefore if you keep motivated, you’re already one step ahead and closer to your own celebrations!

Network like your life depends on it: Networking is one of the best ways to showcase your ability while finding new roles. This is the ideal time to reconnect with your network. Even if an opportunity doesn’t instantly fall at your feet, you have planted the seed and completed the ground work to be considered in the New year!

But be quick, as the 25th of Dec will be here before we know it! We aren’t promising that your dream job will be under your tree this Christmas, however we fully support continuing your job search this December! The benefits alone should showcase why acting now will boost your chances.

If you are looking for support with your job search this December, our We Source specialised team are on hand! We have some exciting IT and Digital roles available, ready to be filled for the New Year! Contact our team today to kick start your job search on 01244 455222 / hello@wesourcegroup.co.uk

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