Why Specialist Recruiters Find the Best Digital Candidates

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Are you busy searching for the best of the best digital talent to join your team? Are you scrolling through application after application, portfolio after portfolio, struggling to find someone with years of digital experience, along with the characteristics to fit into your company culture?

Do you ever wonder how specialised recruiters do it, and manage to attract and engage with top digital candidates? Maybe it’s time to consider working with a recruitment agency rather than focusing your efforts internally?

If you’ve ever wondered how specialised recruiters source high-calibre digital savvy candidates who are looking to progress their careers, read on. Although you may have made your mind up previously on working with recruitment agencies, here’s the benefits you can look to experience.

Why recruiters find the best digital candidates

Recruiting can be difficult – Trying to source top talent whilst working out who would be the best fit for your company. That’s where outsourcing your efforts can help!

There are many general benefits of working with recruitment agencies, including their experience, and the long-term advantage of saving you both time and money. However, when you’re looking for specialised candidates in the digital world, there are significant benefits of collaborating with digital focused recruiters.

Here’s why specialised recruiters can help find you the best digital candidates:

They are specialists

It says it in the name, they are specialists. They understand every element of their recruitment area. They work on their specialism day in day out, whilst engaging with digital candidates who could be ideal for your role!

Along with understanding their key areas, they also recognise what it takes to make it in a digital role. Whether that be an SEO Executive, or a Creative Manager position, specialised recruiters know how to differentiate digital candidates, quickly, based on their previous experience and skill.

Provide them with a list of qualities, and they will do their upmost to find you top digital candidates who fit the bill.

Previous digital experience

You’ll normally find with specialised recruiters that they also have previous hands on industry experience in their area. They’ve either studied or worked in a digital field, with the ability to appreciate terminology and processes. This is then applied to their sourcing strategies, helping them find digital candidates who also understand similar technologies, processes or techniques.

Additionally, recruiters know that time is money, therefore they understand how to quickly differentiate quality portfolios which reflect your listed responsibilities, in order to find a digital candidate who can already do or grow into your role.

They have a network of top digital candidates

As platforms such as LinkedIn have taken over recruitment marketing, specialised recruiters who utilise social media will have a network of top digital candidates at their fingertips.

They will usual interact with candidates to grow professional relationships, and long-term, support them in finding future opportunities.

Alongside their online network, digital recruiters will have a pool of top talent, actively seeking opportunities of progression. Instead of having to go out and find an ideal digital candidate, or sieve through thousands of applications, they probably already have a few key individuals in mind.

They are credible in their area of specialism

If completed to a high standard, specialised recruiters are identified as credible in their field. If they showcase across their social media and online platforms their understanding of the area, success and ability to support digital candidates, they organically attract top talent.

Imagine if you were going for a role yourself, you would want an expert to help guide you through the process. Therefore, as specialised recruiters refine their digital skill and understanding, and make their business visible, greater professional relationships will be created with digital candidates.

Not only can they source top talent, but they also naturally attract it!

They keep on top of the latest trends

A final benefit of working with specialised recruiters is their drive to keep on top of the latest trends. In the digital world, there are constantly new technologies and developments emerging, this influencing the future of job roles.

By reading up on the latest trends and attending industry lead events, they are building on their own career whilst increasing their likelihood of finding you top digital candidates. As new technologies emerge, they appreciate how they need to be adaptable to cater to employer’s needs. That is what ultimately makes them different and helps them source top digital candidates. By keeping on top of their own game!

If you are looking to engage with top digital candidates with the possibility that they will fit in your company, we highly recommend working with specialised recruiters today! It’s their niche and they will do their upmost to find digital candidates for the future!

Our team here at We Source are specialised IT and Digital recruiters with diverse technological focused backgrounds, ready to support you in finding digital candidates! To work with our team, contact us on 01244 455222 / hello@wesourcegroup.co.uk

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