What Can A Recruitment Agency Do For You?


Are you on the lookout for the latest IT and Digital talent yet struggle to keep on top of your applications? Or maybe you’re finding it difficult to maintain regular communication with your candidates? Both having the possibility of decreasing your candidates’ interest and going elsewhere. Have you ever thought how a recruitment agency could help you tackle all these struggles?

If you are experiencing the above, do not worry, as many other companies go through a similar process daily. They find that their in-house recruitment methods are ineffective by engaging individuals inappropriate for their role, influencing a 360 turnaround to start the recruitment process again. Draining both their time and energy.

If you’re motivated to turn your recruitment around and engage the best IT and Digital talent, here’s what a recruitment agency can do for you….


How can a recruitment agency help alleviate your recruitment struggles?

Source candidates who fit the bill

If you are struggling to find the ideal candidate for your role and company, we highly recommend discussing your requirements with a recruitment agency. Their key day to day role includes sourcing candidates based off a brief, therefore, they will have the ability to find individuals who tick all your boxes.

If your role is difficult to fill or requires specific industry skill/experience, working with a specialised recruitment agency will ensure that candidates have the capabilities to fulfil your open role. For example, if you are looking to fill an IT infrastructure and support role where different technical languages are required, it would be effective to work with a recruiter who already understands those languages. This saving you time, while increasing your chances of finding competent candidates.

Click here to find out further information regarding the perks of working with a specialised recruitment agency.

Find candidates in their network

Through online platforms such as LinkedIn, successful recruiters utilising the latest communication methods will have a large network of candidates. In a lot of cases, a recruitment agency will have a pool of talent at their fingertips who may not be actively seeking new opportunities, yet may be swayed by yours.

Without the exposure through online networks, your job advert may not reach the perfect candidate. It’s all about being in the right place, at the right time, and a recruitment agency can help position you there.

Attract candidates through inbound marketing

Another regular activity of a recruitment agency is circulating inbound marketing content. If you select the right recruitment agency for you, who also utilises the latest marketing trends, they will include your job advert in their content.

Think social media posts about your opportunity and email marketing content reaching the inbox of your ideal candidate (Of course they have opted in for GDPR purposes). This helping to get your opportunity out there!

A recruitment agency will keep communication open

If you are struggling to keep your candidates in the loop throughout the application process, it sounds like you need the helping hand of a recruitment agency. Once a candidate’s CV has been approved by you, it is a recruiter’s job to keep that candidate interested and engaged prior to their interview.

This can include answering any general questions, running through the interview process and ensuring that candidates will attend your slot. Not only will working with a recruitment agency save you time, it will ensure that communication is open, and candidates remain interested.

There’s nothing worse than delaying communication, to later find out your ideal candidate has accepted a job with your competitor – All because of your slow communication strategies.

Negotiate on your behalf

In some cases, once an offer has been placed, further negotiation is required with the aim to benefit both parties. This can be a time-consuming process with a lot of back and forth communication. This is where a recruitment agency can help. As communication is open through the recruitment process, a recruiter will be on hand to negotiate the offer for you.

Communicate until your candidate becomes your employee

To maintain a positive experience for candidates, it is important to keep communication available up until their first day as an employee. If you are extremely busy and struggle to maintain communication, a recruitment agency can continue this for you.

This could include answering small questions such as dress code or start times, providing you with the ability to focus your efforts elsewhere.

If you are looking to save time, money both short and long-term and have the aim to find ideal candidates efficiently, working with a recruitment agency will help achieve these results.  A recruitment agency can look after the process for you, up until interview to ensure that your recruitment methods are positive and effective for business purposes.

If you would like to work with a specialised IT and Digital recruitment agency who will go above and beyond to source the best talent, contact our team today! 01244 455222/ hello@wesourcegroup.co.uk

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