What Are Your New Year Recruitment Resolutions?


1 week down in January… Have you set and if so, stuck to, your New Year’s resolutions? If you’ve answered no to either question, maybe it’s time to consider setting realistic goals to help improve your business this year, and what better way than setting New Year recruitment resolutions?

To many business owners outside of the recruitment loop, it may seem that bringing new faces into your company only influences a one-dimensional benefit – A new employee to fill your role. Well in fact, recruiting top talent can improve your business in many ways long-term. This is a blog in itself, so keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming article focusing on the benefits recruiting has on your business…

But for the meantime, if your recruitment strategy dwindled last year and you’re looking to attract and retain the best talent this upcoming year, here’s some New Year recruitment resolutions to get you started…

New Year recruitment resolutions

If 2018 brought you a lot of inconsistency with your recruitment efforts, including the attraction and hiring of unsuitable individuals or no individuals at all, here’s some ways you can boost your efforts this year…

Understand who you’re looking to attract

Are you fed up of advertising for a specialised role to be met with under experienced or unsuitable applications? If so, this could be a sign that your recruitment strategy is off the mark. Set yourself the recruitment resolution to spend time understanding the type of candidate needed to fit your company culture, along with how to source them.

Recruiting can make or break your workplace and ultimately effect factors such as your budget, productivity and your workplace reputation. Surely, we are all after the positive factors linked with recruiting this year?

Create an efficient recruitment process

How efficient is your current recruitment process? Has keeping on top of continuous communication been a difficulty of yours this last year? Maybe you’ve found it challenging to move top talent through your recruitment process while keeping them interested?

If this is the case, working on ways to boost each touchpoint of your recruitment process is recommended this New Year! One way to implement this is to view your process from the outside in, from the perspective of your applicants to understand the experience they go through. Testing your recruitment process will help you understand which areas need changing to target and engage your ideal candidate.

Market yourself greater

If you feel that your adverts are invisible and are being pushed aside for your competitors’ positions, this New Year, look at marketing yourself and your opportunity greater online.

There are many platforms used by job seekers which can be utilised by yourself when posting your job adverts. Start off with the likes of LinkedIn. Work out your culture and brand yourself from this across your online marketing. This will help to boost your candidate experience whilst getting your adverts seen, both helping with your long-term recruitment efforts.

How a specialised recruitment agency can help with your recruitment resolutions

Now if you’re sat wondering how you are meant to go ahead with planning and implementing your new recruitment resolutions, working with a specialised recruitment agency can help.

Whatever your recruitment goals may be, recruiters specialise in sourcing ideal candidates to fit roles each day. They have a pool of talent actively searching for roles just like yours, ready to connect in one click. Imagine how a recruitment agency could help you whittle down your requirements, and source candidates based off your brief. This will help you attract and engage with individuals who fit the bill and your culture, helping to reduce the likelihood of future recruitment costs.

Along with helping you find your ideal candidates; a specialised recruitment agency can boost the efficiency of your recruitment process by keeping communication consistent for you. Their job is to move appropriate candidates through the recruitment funnel, ensuring that all detail has been provided while maintaining interest level. If you struggle with keeping on top of your recruitment activity, collaborating with an experienced and credible recruitment agency could be the answer this New Year!

If you’re struggling with getting your opportunities seen in an overly saturated market, working with a recruitment agency will help to fulfil your recruitment resolution of boosting visibility this January. With their inbound-marketing strategies, they have the techniques to reach and attract a targeted audience to your role. Their use of industry tools and popular communication tools such as social media helps them keep in the know on how to boost visibility. If benefits like the above are desires of yours for 2019, consider working with a recruitment agency today!


Here at We Source Group, our team of specialised IT and Digital recruiters are on hand to support you with your New Year recruitment resolutions. Whatever your goal may be, they will help to market your role, source ideal candidates and maintain your recruitment process for you.

To discuss your recruitment goals this year, contact our team on 01244 455222 / hello@wesourcegroup.co.uk

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