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Imagine, you’re sat in your next interview and it’s all going really well. You’ve been asked some great interview questions allowing you to express your relevant experience and why you would be the ideal selection over all the other tech talent.

Remember an interview is a two-way stream. Next minute the hiring manager opens up the floor and asks, ‘do you have any questions for us?’ You’re caught off guard. You haven’t prepared any appropriate interview questions in advance. You wrack your brain for something that isn’t related to generic themes such as salary expectations or holiday entitlement. You crack under pressure and answer with ‘No, we’ve covered it all thanks’ – wrong answer!

Many people believe that the interview finishes once the last interview question by the hiring manager is asked, when in fact, an interview finishes once you’ve left the premises. Hiring managers and decision makers are making a constant impression of you throughout the process, even when asking you the dreaded question.

When in fact, interview questions really don’t have to be dreaded if you prepare. As the old saying goes, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  Interview questions do have weightage to your interview by showcasing your interest in the role and increasing your connection and familiarity with the hiring manager. Additionally, they provide you with the window of opportunity to gather as much information regarding the workplace as possible. Imagine missing out on the prospect of finding out if a company is really offering what they say they are.

Now it is your responsibility to prepare, after all it’s your job interview. However, it is our responsibility here at We Source Group to ensure that our candidates are armed with key questions, ideal for their industry to showcase their interest. If you’re looking for support like ours, click here.

Next time you have an interview, make sure you prepare and give yourself the chance to shine with these key interview questions!

Prepare with these key interview questions

Failing to prepare any interview questions can sometimes affect the final decision. This of course depends on the interviewees style of recruitment. However, failing to ask strong interview questions presents you as someone who isn’t interested and doesn’t want to engage.

Additionally, an interview is your time to see whether the role and company culture fits your requirements. It’s now an expectation for you to interview the hiring manager in return to ensure that value alignment is present. Give yourself the opportunity to understand the day to day responsibilities and workplace dynamics, making sure that no surprises hit you if successful. 

Here are some key interview questions to pick from, making sure you ooze interest while finding out as much about the company as possible:

“Why is this position available?”

Now this wouldn’t usually be on most candidates list of interview questions, however this is a great way to gauge the potential of the position, along with having a sneak peek into the company’s development opportunities. 

If the hiring manager provides you with an answer explaining how the previous employee has moved up to a more senior role, and career development is a desire of yours, this provides great detail of your potential future with a company.

However, if you’re presented with comments linking to a previous employee’s ability to fit in or manage the tasks, this may set off alarm bells and require further enquiries.

“What’s a typical day in the life of this position?”

By asking interview questions focusing on the day to day activity and responsibilities of a role, it’s providing you with an insight into how you could be spending your working days. Additionally, its offering you the opportunity to decide whether this type of activity and route is where you’re hoping to take your career.

For example, there are many different roles in the digital marketing world. Say you want to progress down the social media avenue, yet there’s little social activity in the day to day of this role. This provides you with a clear indication that this role may not fulfil your career aspirations.
Additionally, it will provide you with the ability to understand whether you have the capabilities to complete the required tasks.

“What are your expectations of this role?”

This is a great way to gauge what could be expected of you by the company. Whether that be working long hours, travelling for business or making the most of the latest technology, this provides you with the information to decide whether these expectations fit your desires.

Additionally, this shows hiring managers that you’re driven, have the desire to get involved and hit the ground running from the offset. Be sure to include this in your list of interview questions if this describes you!

“What do you enjoy about working here?”

Now you could receive a variety of answers here. Some hiring managers may not be willing to open up and offer a vanilla answer – if this is the case, surely this isn’t the type of communication style you’re looking for from a manager?
If you receive an answer with passion and energy behind it, linking to an area which correlates with your values and desired company culture, you know that you’re in for an enjoyable working life.

“What are the next steps?”

At the end of an interview you may be presented with the simple ‘we will get in touch’ line. If you feel like the interview has gone well, and you’d love to be considered for this position, this is a great question to ask. Now you already probably know the process from discussing with your recruiter. However, by asking this question, you’re showing hiring managers that you are interested and keen to progress to the next step. Rather than giving them the control to gauge whether you’re still interested.

If you are looking for a new role with the prospect of an interview soon approaching, and you’re looking for support, contact our We Source team today!

We can help you find the ideal IT and Digital focused role, by also helping you prepare for each stage. We work with our candidates to ensure that they are armed with details of the opportunity, along with appropriate ways to communicate.

Depending on the role you’re applying for and your workplace desires, we will recommend appropriate interview questions!

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