Recruitment Agencies – Why You Need Them!

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Finding your next employee to join your company is difficult. Your aim is to source and recruit the best of the best who will fit both your available role and culture, while staying ahead of the competition. You’re all battling to turn around an attractive job description, market your role, source ideal candidates, search through piles of online applications and conduct interviews – Yes, it is a very time-consuming, long process.

You notice a few remarkable candidates who applied a few weeks back and rush to contact them, to find out they are no longer available. Who’s snapped them up?! One of your competitors! A competitor who has utilised the world of recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies understand the process. They live and breathe recruitment. They work with strong candidates who would be ideal for your company day in day out… And most importantly, they get the job done efficiently yet effectively.

If you feel like you’re losing the recruitment battle and you’re looking to boost your efforts, working with recruitment agencies is a strategy to consider. Read on to find out the benefits of collaborating with the industry experts today…

The benefits of working with recruitment agencies

For years, a negative stigma has been attached to recruiters. They are all categorised under the same stereotypical umbrella, when actually, there are some outstanding agencies changing the future of recruitment. Here are some reasons why you should work with them:


As I mentioned above, recruiters work efficiently yet maintain an effective process. It can take weeks, even months for your in-house recruiters to move candidates through the application process. However, external recruiters refine their steps. They have high value resources at their fingertips to speed up the process from application to assignment. However, by speeding up their workload, the quality of their method is maintained by using the latest technology, communication and marketing strategies.

Not only will they find you top talent quickly, they will provide you with more time and effort to focus and invest back into your business – areas that you are experts in! Better still, they will save you money by completing the job to a high standard while ensuring they source candidates with the potential to become loyal employees. Reducing the likelihood of starting the recruitment process again a few months later!


Recruitment is their bread and butter. They understand how important each candidate touchpoint is, along with strategies to source, engage with and convert talented applicants into keen candidates.

Now although your in-house team have the upper hand with company knowledge, external recruiters have the advantage of understanding the market and their area of specialism. For example, if you’re looking to fill a digital marketing role, a recruiter who specialises in digital marketing will have the industry knowledge to find you the perfect candidate. They understand which skills are necessary, what type of experience will speak to you, and who will fit your role.


Along with their experience to understand who you are looking for, and how to find them, recruitment agencies have a large pool of attractive, yet available candidates. This is what sets them apart!

Their mission is to support you, their client in finding the ideal candidate, while also supporting their pool of talent to find the ideal role and workplace. This outlook goes hand in hand. They are prepared with a group of candidates who will tick each one of your criteria boxes and then some.
Even if you are on the look out to fill a difficult role, your external recruiter will make it their mission to find an idyllic individual to join your team.

Boost your visibility

Recruitment agencies have a large reach through their talent pool database, technological platforms and the recent focus of social media marketing. If you are a small company, working with the right recruitment agencies will boost the visibility of your offering, company culture and ultimately your employer brand.

By working closely with recruiters, you can provide an in-depth insight of your company and the type of workplace you promote. This paired with the industry knowledge of recruiters will provide a strong recruitment marketing strategy to stand out from your competitors.

Finding the right recruitment agencies

Although there are many benefits of working with recruitment agencies, it is important that you select and work with suitable agencies. When working with external recruiters, they are the first point of contact candidates receive. This is their first opportunity to gauge what is in front of them. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are working with agencies who reflect your company values and have the ability to positively present your company.

Now I am not promising that every recruitment agency will work for you. This will take some time and research however; long term will greatly benefit your business and recruitment efforts. Once that initial relationship is created, you’ll have your own experts at hand, ready to find you the next pool of talent!

If you’re looking for candidates in the IT and digital market, we are a reliable, forward thinking recruitment agency with the experience of placing highly suitable candidates with great workplaces. To find out how we work and how we can help you today, contact our team on 01244 45522 /

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