On The New Year Job Hunt? Start By Branding Yourself…


Are you busy on the job hunt looking for a brand-new IT or Digital role ready to kickstart the New Year? Are you excited for a new challenge in the form of a brand spanking opportunity?

If so, just to give you a heads up, the New Year is one of the most competitive times to secure a new role. Many job seekers are looking for a new start with the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ mindset, along with a fresh budget, ready for hiring managers to utilise – And that is exactly why you need to differentiate yourself for your next job hunt!

This is where branding yourself comes into the mix. It’s time to showcase who you are as a person and the benefits linked to hiring you. Visualise that you are a product in a highly competitive market, ready to sell onto its target market. You need to do everything you can to outshine the competition throughout the buying process (well in your case the whole recruitment process).

Now I’m sure you’ve come across what branding is with working in areas surrounded by marketing, tech savvy fanatics, but if you’re feeling a little unsure on how to stand out in your next job hunt, do not worry. Read on to find out how branding yourself can help you achieve your New Year’s resolution of a new career route, and how to do it in time for your next job hunt….

Why branding yourself will help your job hunt? 

As I mentioned above, it’s about selling yourself. You are having to sell yourself throughout each engagement to move through the application funnel. While on the job hunt, you will find that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for trustworthy candidates who ooze both skills and experience to not only fit the role, but workplace.

What better way to fulfil this brief than branding yourself? Of course, keep true to yourself. This is very important to be successful in your job hunt. However, by showcasing why you would be the ideal selection, through strong personal branding, you will be one step ahead!
Additionally, knowing who you are as a person, along with acknowledging the type of workplace you want to be associated with showcases how you are confident and credible – Further key attributes ideal to present in your job hunt.

How to brand yourself for your next job hunt?

Your packaging

This is one of the first things recruiters and hiring managers will see of you. Just like a product, you need to appeal to your target market from the outside in. While completing your next job hunt it’s important that you showcase the ideal package. By this I mean having a professional look for both yourself, and your application material to demonstrate your eye for detail and professionalism. This will need to be circulated across your LinkedIn account, portfolio, CV and in person through body language and tone of voice. This will promote the type of person you are in any networking events or interviews you attend. 

However, I do recommend that you allow your personality to shine through and display how there’s a real person, striving for greater things behind your packaging. This will help you stand out in the job hunt, while allowing recruiters to connect with you.

Your attributes

Within your application material it is also important that you exhibit your key attributes. One great way to ensure you are appealing to decision makers in your job hunt is by using keywords linked to your chosen industry/role. For example, if you’re looking to progress in Social Media management, it would be wise to research the top skills and tools used, such as Hootsuite and include those suitable for your experience. This is where your attributes will play a part in your branding.

Your competitive advantage

Here is where you really get to shine in your job hunt. This is where you have the ability the showcase your potential and the value you will bring to the role/organisation. One of the most effective ways to achieve this through branding is by putting your experience into practical use.

For example, if you are looking to progress into website development, it would be effective to design and build your own website, reflecting your ability stated in your application material. Along with this, getting across who you are, and the quality of your work will benefit you greatly, providing you with a competitive edge. Over time, this will help you build your own brand, helping to differentiate you in the industry, while showcasing your value.

Your credibility

Once you’ve completed your key branding areas, showcasing your credibility will significantly help your job hunt. Think of yourself as a product. Customers are attracted by the branding and are then usually influenced to purchase based on recommendations. By getting your branding right, along with excelling in your current role, I’m sure you will have some recommendations from previous peers and work collaborations.

This will help to make your job hunt easier as there are current examples of your credibility in the industry. This can be completed through references or even on LinkedIn – remember recruiters will look over your online platforms!

By bringing all the above together and branding yourself to reflect your ability, who you are and where you are looking to grow your career, you’ll experience a positive job hunt. This next month will be highly competitive for job seekers, therefore it would be ideal to utilise your free time over the festive season, and make sure your professional brand is prepared, ready to apply.

At each point of your job hunt and application process, keep reminding yourself that you are a product ready to be sold into the job market. This will help you take a step back to boost your differentiation whilst showing your authentic self through your application material and platforms.

If you are searching for a new role in the IT and Digital worlds, we have an array of competitive roles available! For support with your job hunt, contact our specialised team of recruiters on 01244 455222 / hello@wesourcegroup.co.uk

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