Is Now The Time For a Career Move?


Are you experiencing itchy feet? Do you spend most of your working hours clock watching, dreaming of being elsewhere? Or maybe you feel like time is running by and you’re miles off your career goals?

For some, finding their ideal industry, role and workplace is a walk in the park, however for others this is a struggle. Do you feel like you’ve been on a career rollercoaster, currently failing to make your mark? This may be a sign that now is the right time for a career move!

From unsuitable working arrangements to craving greater career challenges, there are many reasons why people sway from their present workplace. If you are currently experiencing any warning signs, do not panic as there are many opportunities available to you. Plus, this change could be exactly what you’ve been looking for – it’s just a matter of preparing yourself for that next career move!

Signs that now may be the right time for a career move

Are you just having a few bad days in the office or are you experiencing regular signs that something greater is on the horizon for you? Here are some key signs indicating that now may be the right time for a career move….

You’re checking out

When starting your latest role, you may have felt fully immersed and excited to be involved with a new company/team. Over time, it is understandable that this feeling will decrease as day to day tasks and stresses enter. However, do you feel like you’re miles from your first day mindset and are beginning to check out?

This is a significant sign that you no longer feel engaged in your workplace and that your role and responsibilities are failing to fulfil your career desires. If this is your current situation, a career move may be the inspiration you need to get back onto your career saddle.

You’ve lost your passion

Many people enter a market they are passionate about. This could be anything from coding to design. Over time, their passion may transfer to a different tech specialism. If this sounds like your current battle, do not fear as it is recommended to work in an area that you’re passionate about.

Now this may mean entering at a lower grade role, however there are many suitable opportunities out there supporting career progression and development. View our current IT and Digital vacancies here.

Whether remaining with your current employer fits your requirements or searching for a new exciting culture is for you, a career move should definitely be on your to-do list if your passion is disappearing. If you are looking to enter a new specialism, keep your eyes peeled for a new blog coming soon, offering advice on how to enter with little experience.

Money no longer cuts it

A key driving force for many when entering the world of work is money, however, what if the money no longer cuts it? This is one of the biggest signs that a career move is needed.

Your employer may even offer a pay-rise to motivate you, however if there are greater reasons swaying you to applying for a new role and monetary incentives fail to persuade you, this is an indication that a new challenge may be what you need!

You’re comparing roles

Are you spending your time scrolling through online job adverts or comparing your position to others? Or are you watching employees from differing companies reap benefits you crave such as flexible working hours? This is a significant sign that your current role is not in line with your career goals.

We live in a world where we subconsciously compare aspects of our lives with others, however if you are actively investing time and energy into searching for better things, we highly recommend making a career move today. Without acting, you will continue to experience these feelings, ultimately effecting the perception of your workplace.

You feel limited

Do you feel like you’ve hit your limit in your current workplace with little opportunities to develop further? Additionally, do you feel that the technological resources available to you are preventing you from completing your job to its fullest? This is one of the main reasons why people leave their day job.

Some companies fail to grasp that a key driving force for individuals like yourself is the scope to personally improve. If you’re currently working for a company who doesn’t offer the use of new technologies or internal promotions, it may be wise to search for a new career move which fulfils your desires.

Now a career move may seem scary, especially if you’ve worked in the same workplace, role or industry for a while. However, if you are experiencing any of the above warning signs, there are many steps you can take to prepare yourself prior to a career move.

Here are some steps to take to prepare for your career move

  • Can anything be changed in your current workplace? Prior to making the move, have you put the feelers out on whether there’s anything that can be adapted in your current workplace to fulfil your career goals? If you’ve tried this route and there are limited alternatives offered, we recommend preparing for a career move.
  • Which factors have motivated your move? After understanding that a move is your only route, it is wise to recognise what aspects of your workplace have failed to fulfil your career aspirations. This will provide you with a list of details to avoid when considering a new role.
  • Identify your passion – Once you’ve gauged what not to look for, it’s now time to identify what you’re passionate about and which area you’d like to enter.
  • Request expert support – After taking the above steps, we recommend requesting expert support to source your next career move. This is where our team at We Source Group can help! We help pair great workplaces with talented individuals looking for new challenges in the IT and Digital markets. By working with reliable, experienced recruiters, you’ll experience an effective job search.
  • Remember quality over quantity- When looking for a new career move, many individuals panic and apply for every single suitable role going, along with attending every interview offered. This will include investing a lot of time and effort. We believe that quality is greater than quantity, therefore we advise focusing on a few key roles which stand out to you. Your experience will be much more positive if you prepare and control your search.If you feel like it’s time for a new career move, and you’re looking for expert advice, contact our team today on 01244 455222 /

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