How to Build a Career in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing, one of the latest industries to really take off. With the advancement of technologies, social media platforms and virtual worlds, it’s no wonder that building a career in digital marketing is an interest to many. And will continue to be so as the tech and employment worlds adapt.

There are many benefits of entering the digital marketing industry. The high demand of digital skills, the opportunity to work across creative projects, and the ability to work virtually on a global scale are just a few.

Whether creating content which is fully optimised is your thing, working across the likes of Twitter keeping on top of what’s trending excites you or User experience is at the forefront of your passion, there are opportunities out there!

If you’re looking to enter the market and build a career in a specialised area of digital marketing, whether you have years of employment experience or not, here at We Source Group we know what it takes to appeal to clients. We work with them daily and understand what stands out in the application process. After all it’s our job! Here’s what it takes to get noticed in the highly saturated yet prosperous world of digital marketing….


What it takes to build a career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing skills

Whichever area of digital marketing you are looking to build a career in, there are a variety of skills needed to stand out in the market. Alongside generic skills such as creativity, an analytical mindset and the ability to adapt to new trends, there are appropriate necessary skills for your area of expertise. 

For example, if you are looking to build a career in SEO, there are several skills which hiring managers and recruiters will look out for on your CV and LinkedIn profile. These will include skills such as content creation, keyword research and traffic analysis by using tools such as WordPress and Google Analytics.

To find out the digital marketing skills necessary to kickstart your career in your expert area, click here.

There are many ways you can gain relevant skills – whether that be through hands on experience, accreditations and even online free learning resources. If you are lacking in a digital area, we advise sprucing up prior to applying.

Experience of digital marketing

Alongside skills, recruiters and hiring managers are drawn to individuals with digital marketing experience. Now although you may not have years of experience working with favoured industry tools, you may have previous experience where generic marketing skills have been applied. This may help you get your foot in the door with the right company.

If you are looking to break into the digital marketing world, we do advise finding any form of experience, whether that be an internship or freelance junior position. This will provide you with the basics to build a successful digital career and will show employers you are keen to progress. If you are looking for a senior position, an average 3-5 years of experience in the industry is a must!

If you are on the hunt for relevant experience, check out our current digital marketing opportunities here.


Be open to new tools and industry trends 

When considering a career in the digital marketing world, it is a must for you to be adaptable and open to new tools and industry trends. Any tech industry has reoccurring developments, however, working at the forefront of marketing, it is a must that you’re able to remain competitive by utilising the new and improved!

For example, if you work in social media marketing, it is vital that you utilise any upcoming tools/platforms and adapt to the latest trends such as video. If you are hoping to grow a successful digital marketing career, stepping out of your comfort zone and offering adaptable strategies is highly desirable.

Personal digital marketing projects 

If you have struggled to gain digital marketing experience and skills, one way you can personally tackle both is by creating and maintaining your own digital projects. This is highly favoured by recruiters and hiring mangers as it showcases your drive and ‘go getter’ attitude, along with having authentic real time evidence of your ability.

Additionally, this is a great way to get your personal brand across, along with your personal characteristics. It takes a certain type of person to excel in each area of digital marketing, therefore your own projects can back your suitability. For example, someone looking to work in UX would benefit from designing their own website, by then making improvements based on their own user experience analysis. This will act as your personal portfolio to show the claims made on your application are true.


Network with pros to develop your career in digital marketing

One further strategy you can utilise when looking to build a career in digital marketing is networking with those who have already entered and succeeded. This can be done through the likes of LinkedIn and any industry talks, meet-ups and events. This will help to get your name out there while gaining important career advice from those who have experienced it. 

Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry therefore it is important that you keep in the know and fully immerse yourself!




If you are looking for opportunities in the digital marketing world, our dedicated team at We Source can support you. We work with a full range of clients across the digital market and understand what it takes to be offered a position with them.

If you’re already in the process and have some interviews lined up, here’s how you can prepare yourself for future success.

For further advice on how to increase your chances of succeeding in digital marketing, or to kickstart your search, contact us on 01244 455222 /

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