How Effective Is Your Recruitment Strategy?


Depending on your industry, business size and employee requirements, there are many different ways of recruiting. Is your current recruitment strategy working for you?

With digital advancements and the demand for a more effective and efficient recruitment process from IT job seekers, are you managing to provide this while maintaining your company recruitment strategy?

  • Are you receiving applications from the best tech talent?
  • Are you managing to engage with ideal candidates for your company?
  • Are you filling roles without having to start the recruitment process again a few months later?
  • Are you reaching enough people?
  • Are you standing out to your competition, ensuring you’re retaining the best employees?

If you’ve answered no to any of the above questions, maybe it’s time to rethink your recruitment strategy ready for the New Year? Here are some warning signs that your recruitment strategy may not be working, and tips to create a more effective process…

What is a recruitment strategy?

A recruitment strategy is the whole process you follow to attract and retain the best talent for your company. This includes the activity you take to get your position seen, the way that candidates apply, the way you communicate with candidates, the way you maintain engagement and the way you move candidates through the funnel until an employee is selected.

You can see why it is important to have an effective recruitment strategy right? If one area lacks, this can negatively influence your final result.

Of course, you need a recruitment strategy which works for your individual workplace, however it is important that you are listening to the demands of job seekers, along with any industry trends.

Warning signs that your recruitment strategy may be ineffective 

If you are experiencing any of the below, it may be time to look at ways to improve the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy.

Your job adverts are invisible

Are your job adverts reaching the right people? Are you using the right recruitment marketing tools to reach your ideal candidate? If you are struggling to get your voice heard in a heavily saturated market, this could be down to elements of your recruitment strategy.

You’re struggling to keep on top of your applications

Whether you use one single online application resource or a variety, are you struggling to keep on top of the number of applications? Are you finding it difficult to source the best of the best from your applications? If so, looking at your application funnel within your recruitment strategy is a must!

Imagine how a disorganised recruitment strategy could make you accidentally overlook many ideal applicants!

You’re struggling to maintain consistent communication

One key requirement IT and Digital job seekers desire from the recruitment process is consistent communication ( Keeping them in the loop is a must to maintain their engagement levels. Are you finding it difficult to maintain communication with your candidates? Offering them with support and information, along with communicating your recruitment timescale.

Doing this incorrectly can have a significant effect on your likelihood of engaging with the best talent. Therefore, ensuring your communication tools are effective is a must in your recruitment strategy.

You’re finding it difficult to stand out

With thousands of competitors and large businesses looking for the exact candidate, are you finding it difficult to differentiate yourself through your recruitment strategy? Are you finding that your applicants are average and fail to meet your requirements?

Do you find that your processes look very similar to other companies recruiting? If so, now is time to look at creating a personalised recruitment strategy to meet your business goals!

Tips to boost the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy

Set clear recruitment goals: If you do feel that your current recruitment strategy is ineffective, it would be wise to strip back your processes and work on setting new recruitment goals. Understanding what you are trying to achieve along with your recruitment requirements is a must to ensure your strategy will attract and retain the best tech candidates.

Use the latest technology:  A further way which you can increase the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy is by using social media and the latest appropriate technology. With sourcing tech talent, it is important to create a positive tech lead candidate experience.

Work with specialised recruiters: By doing the above while collaborating with specialised recruiters, you will subside your negative recruitment results. Working with recruiters who understand tech candidates will help boost your role visibility, source the best talent, communicate consistently with your applicants, whilst ensuring you’re attracting the talent over your competitors.

Click here for further benefits of working with specialised recruiters.

If you are looking for support to boost the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy, here at We Source Group we specialise in both IT and Digital. 

Contact us today to bring a positive recruitment experience to your workplace – 01244 455222 /  

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