Online Platforms – A Help or a Hindrance in Your Job Search?

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The emergence and advancement of online platforms have already had a major influence on the job world – From both a jobseeker and companies’ angle; And the trend is set to continue to grow, so now is the time to make sure you’re using them to help your job search, rather than hinder it.

As we see traditional application processes dwindle, such as the robotic, boring A4 list of skills and experience you submit each time – in other words your CV, hiring managers and recruiters are turning to online strategies.

Although this may seem a little intrusive, a full search of your online platforms, including your social media profiles is now a regular occurrence in the screening process – And that is why you need to make sure you’re using them effectively.

This strategy has been extremely successful for decision makers and will definitely continue to be a large sourcing tactic. If you’re concerned whether you’re using the best online platforms in the most appropriate way to help productively find your next role, find our recommendations below…


We’ve recently seen a large trend of job search apps appear online, are you making the most of them? They have many positive functions that will help make your job search a little easier. Not only can you search on the go on your mobile or tablet, you can create your own account which acts as your job search hub.

You can search for the latest live vacancies, refine results based on your requirements, receive notifications when an appropriate role comes up, and apply, all from one small app on your device.

Keep your eyes peeled for ours coming soon!

Social media platforms

Your social accounts

Now this is the biggie – If you use this correctly it can significantly help you find and secure your next role, however if used ineffectively it can undoubtedly hinder your chances of getting past the application process.

Your profile is where you showcase your personality and social life, ultimately the type of person you are. Now think carefully of how you express this. By showcasing yourself as a brand and presenting your skills and personality in an honest yet creative way, you’ll help yourself move forward in the process. Hiring managers and recruiters will look at key areas across your profiles to see whether your online persona reflects who you say you are.

By posting inappropriate images of your drunken antics, disrespectful comments or behaving in an immature manor, you’ll hinder your opportunities to find a new role. This is common sense but can go to the back of even the most professional people’s minds from time to time.

Click here to find out a little more about the impacts social media can have on your job search.


Out of all your social media accounts, one you should definitely use regularly is your LinkedIn platform. Now you may have been on there for a good few years, updating your job experience section each time you accept a new role. But are you using its key functions? 

This online platform can have a great impact on your job search and success rate if you connect and regularly network with those in your industry, decision makers and local companies.

Additionally, it’s a space for you to showcase your thoughts, work and career aspirations. We recommend you shout it from the rooftops while immersing yourself into any groups or networking events.

However, do not use this online platform as you would any other social media account – share your personality but keep it professional.

Company social accounts

A further way you can help progress your job search and find the right role/company for you is by searching across company social media accounts. This is a great way to see how they work, their culture and whether it would be the type of place you’d be happy spending majority of your time.

This is a much more effective strategy than just reading a job advert.

Your online platforms

Along with social accounts, one way you can attract success in the world of work is by showcasing a portfolio of work across your online platforms. Especially if you’re in the IT or Digital industry, you’d be silly not to. This could be anything from your previous web design work, your own code or even the management of a blog/social media account. This will act as hands on industry evidence to support your application.

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk!

Now we appreciate that’s a lot of information to act upon immediately, so here’s a little breakdown of how to use online platforms:


  • Use available platforms out there such as apps to make the search and application process much more straightforward.
  • Showcase who you are as a person over your social accounts by branding yourself properly and presenting your skills. Additionally, look over company pages to check if they are the right workplace for you. You can tell a lot from a social account
  • Network and utilise the ability to share professional career focused content over LinkedIn.
  • Showcase your ability online by promoting your own work!


  • Don’t ignore the free resources out there to help make your search easier.
  • Don’t post inappropriate comments or images that you wouldn’t want your boss to see.
  • Don’t get too personal on LinkedIn and treat it like your other accounts – Keep it professional.
  • Don’t limit your opportunities by hiding your skill and talent from decision makers on online platforms.

If you’re on the lookout for the latest IT and Digital roles, check out our current live roles here [LINK] or contact our team of recruiters on 01244 455222.

Remember that even if you’re not actively looking for a job, having a strong presence across social media that truly represents your experience and skills will get you noticed by companies and recruiters – You never know, they may just have an amazing opportunity for you that’s too good to miss!

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