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Your candidate experience is one of the most important parts of your recruitment process. This is how you showcase your culture online, communicate with candidates, provide feedback and move them through the application funnel. How you control your candidate experience ultimately has an influence on your reputation and depending on how you do so, can either have a positive or negative impact on your employer brand. 

If you are struggling to attract top talent to your company, it may be linked to negative word of mouth regarding your candidate experience. This can be anything from Glassdoor reviews to comments on LinkedIn regarding your lengthy feedback period. If this sounds like your situation, maybe it’s time to listen to what jobseekers require to find a role appealing?… And who better to understand this than recruiters. Industry experts who work through the application process each hour of each day! Click here to find out the general benefits of working with a recruitment agency:.

To fully achieve a positive candidate experience, you need to invest significant time and effort into each application touchpoint. If you believe that fulfilling this task internally will be a challenge, our team at We Source Group can help! Here’s how we can work with you to make small changes to your candidate experience today….


Firstly, what is your candidate experience?

Your candidate experience is the whole experience those interested in your role and company go through. Picture them as your customer. The experience they go through is dependent on the level of service they receive, from researching to post-purchase support. This will then influence their opinion of you – how they will share their comments and whether they will return if a suitable future offering is available.

There are many touchpoints to your candidate experience, and this begins from initial online awareness straight through to an employee’s first day at work. If your aim is to build a strong workplace with loyal employees, it all starts with your recruitment process, and these small application touchpoints.


Here’s how we can help to enhance your candidate experience

Now that you understand what your candidate experience is and why it is so important, here are some of the areas we can support you in to enhance each online touchpoint:


Starting at awareness, this is the first chance candidates get to form an impression of you. This step will usually begin through your job adverts. Here at We Source Group, we enhance our clients candidate experience by creating easy on the eye, accurate job descriptions which include all the important details such as location, salary, benefits, required skills and how to apply. However, as well as the basic details, we also like to include an insight into the future of the role and how this could look for the right candidate. As easy as it may sound, some companies fail to grasp this and miss out on attracting top talent by misplacing a few important details.

We also advise candidates to view your social media platforms once they understand which company is behind the advert. This will drive candidates to look at your profiles, leading them to the next touchpoint.

 Showcase your employer brand

By motivating candidates to view your social accounts we are working towards boosting awareness of your unique employer brand. If you are positively expressing who you are online, including your values, company culture and dynamic, you’re providing highly valuable detail to enhance your candidate experience.

This content will help candidates decide whether your role and company are for them, and if so, will guide them through to the next stage.  For example – If your job advert highlights how flexible, casual working environments are offered, and your social content reflects this, candidates will gain a level of trust. Additionally, if flexible working is a requirement of theirs, this will motivate them to click the apply button.

To find out what motivates IT and Digital candidates, click here: https://wesourcegroup.co.uk/does-your-workplace-appeal-to-candidates/

We can’t create either your employer brand or content for you, however we can help to mirror your offering through job adverts and verbal recommendations. 


Your application process

If your application process is demotivating, long and includes a lot of online questions, applicants will lose interest. To boost your candidate experience, we can shorten the process by using our expert sourcing skills, helping us differentiate those capable and quickly. 

Additionally, candidates crave consistent communication. This can be difficult for you if you’re juggling your day job and the recruitment of new employees. We can ensure that communication is kept open, guaranteeing that long waits aren’t experienced by candidates through each touchpoint. Working alongside your team, we can assure that efficiency is key when gaining CV feedback, arranging interviews and providing interview feedback, as a delay could influence a negative candidate experience, along with guiding top talent to your competition. 

We will continue communication up to and beyond your employees first day with you, ensuring that they have settled in well and are experiencing what they expected to.


Maintain a positive brand image

Throughout our whole recruitment process, our team here at We Source Group are determined to maintain a consistent, positive brand image for our clients. We understand how important this is to promote a strong candidate experience.

One way we can ensure that a true reflection of your offering is presented is by getting to know you. Getting to know your recruitment needs, company culture, future plans and internal recruitment timeline. We can then communicate this to potential candidates, ensuring a consistent, positive candidate experience throughout.

We are pretty sure that candidates will shout their opinion of each touchpoint across online platforms, and that is why consistency throughout each step is important. We live in world where online recommendations play a significant influence in decision making, therefore you want to ensure positive comments are surrounding your name. This can be difficult to control, however maintaining a positive candidate experience can certainly help.  

By working with an agency like us, we can complete the above steps of enhancing your online candidate experience, increasing the likelihood of attracting talented candidates to your company. Think of how this could transform your workplace’s future!


If you are struggling with your recruitment process and feel like you need support in ensuring a positive candidate experience is being offered, contact our team on 01244 455222 / hello@wesourcegroup.co.uk

We can help you source suitable IT and digital candidates, while maintaining your company image.  

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