Does Your Workplace Appeal to Candidates?

Does your workplace appeal to candidates?

Answer truthfully, do you feel that your company appeals to high-calibre candidates perfect for your workplace? Most companies out there fail to fully grasp what current jobseekers, in the IT and digital world want, or even if they have a good idea, neglect the execution and delivery of them.

You’re all battling for the best talent out there – You’re even battling against big successful, award-winning companies such as Google and Microsoft. If you check out their Glassdoor ratings, you’ll see why they are at the top of most applicants list. The market is heavily saturated and will become even more competitive as technological advancements arise. How are you differentiating yourself to attract leading candidates?

The world of work is also changing, and jobseekers want more than a shiny payday. They want to work with a company who listens to them, who provides benefits that will develop a positive workplace, rather than a monotonous, unsupportive organisation. Here is how you can stand out – By offering benefits that speak out to candidates, all tied up in a creative and attractive employer brand bow.

To find out a little more about what your employer brand is, and the current benefits IT and digital jobseeker want, read on…

Firstly, what is an employer brand?

Every company out there has an employer brand, it’s all down to how you want to showcase it. Your employer brand is what you stand for, who you are as a company, the people you include in your workplace culture, and how you treat them… and that is exactly what you can use to attract and retain candidates.

By showcasing yours, however you please, you’ll have greater opportunity to reach out to the right jobseekers and increase your appeal level. Keep your eyes peeled for a bigger piece on this in a few weeks’ time!

Top benefits IT and Digital candidates look for

Now for the main event, what benefits do IT and digital candidates look for when applying for a new role:

Job progression and training opportunities 

Recent research suggests how one of the key workplace benefits (60% rating) digital marketing candidates look for is training and progression opportunities. Learning new skills and the scope to develop a fruitful, exciting career is highly sought after in today’s market – Are you providing these opportunities?

If not, this is definitely an area to consider. As industries advance and new technologies emerge, you should be grateful that you work with individuals who aspire to continuously improve their own skills and your company processes.

This will not only boost your engagement levels, it will help increase your bottom line in many ways! 

The use of current technology

Along with providing opportunities to grow, IT and technological focused candidates crave working with a wide range of current technologies and tools. After all, this is their bread and butter.

Are you a company who keeps ahead of the curve and likes to embrace tech? If so, are you showcasing this to the outside world, not only in your work but also in your recruitment strategies?

Employees like to have a wide range of options where they have the freedom to work with their most favoured resources – This is a key benefit to shout about to attract the most advanced candidates


From remote working to flexi-time, flexibility is a further benefit that attracts candidates, as the demand for a greater work-life balance grows. We now live in an ‘on the go’, technology driven, accessible world where work and communication can be achieved from home, a local coffee shop or a relaxed office setting.

Additionally, virtual work is favoured as technology focused roles are known to have varying working hours where demand and deadlines play a significant part, therefore this form of flexibility will provide the ability to maintain a positive work-life balance.

We are all craving a little more balance – provide this for your employees and you’ll produce a happier, more productive workplace.

Workplace culture

Your culture is your whole offering – your values, the way you communicate and the structure of your company. Candidates are in demand for a positive workplace which encourages engagement and mirrors their values and the way they like to work.
Many companies get stuck on what their culture is and instead of working on identifying it, they bring in perks such as monthly office parties or table tennis in the back room. These are great ways to engage your employees but aren’t the key to building a strong positive culture.


This is a whole topic in itself, but by listening to your employee needs and desires, working on suitable ways of communicating and promoting a set of mutual values, you’ll build a positive working culture.

If you are on the lookout for the best digital talent, the above will hopefully show you how the little things have greater meaning to jobseekers than salary related incentives. By implementing and sharing benefits which are in demand, you’ll have an advanced opportunity to appeal to top ranking candidates and attract further loyal employees.

If you are searching for current, highly skilled candidates in the IT and digital world, contact our recruiters today on 01244 455222. We have a wide range of candidates looking to pursue their careers with supportive, ambitious companies.

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