Christmas is Coming – Keep Up the Hiring!

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Christmas, one of the busiest, most exciting times of the year for many! However, for most workplaces, this is also one of the quieter spells where important day to day activities begin to wind down. Instead, planning their New Year business goals, networking, selecting their Christmas party attire and bringing a festive spirit to whatever they do is on the agenda. Does this sound like your office each December?

With that said, many companies press the pause button on hiring new employees over the Christmas period and postpone for the New Year. We take it they have little knowledge of the benefits of Christmas recruits!

What is your recruitment strategy? Will your application floodgates come to a close or will you embrace the benefits of recruiting throughout the festive season? Here’s why you should keep ahead of the game and continue to hire this Christmas…

Why you should continue to hire this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for recruitment!

As mentioned above, many companies take their foot off the gas over the Christmas period and focus on other activities, pushing recruitment to the back of their mind. Their mindset changes and they embrace the whole ‘New year, new me’ outlook.

With that said, now is the perfect time to search for your next hire. Your competition is at an all-time low, with thousands of talented candidates out there looking to secure a new opportunity in time for Christmas!

That’s right, a pool of IT and Digital talent ready for you to engage with. Although many companies come to a halt, candidates crave security and certainty to start the new year on a high! You can be one of the few companies to benefit from this!


All I want for Christmas is… a fresh start!

Not only is hiring at this time of year beneficial for candidates, it’s also beneficial for your company. By actively recruiting, you’re getting yourself prepared and ahead of the game to kickstart the new year! Not only is this providing your company with a fresh start, it’s helping you end 2018 in the best possible position.

For many, December is the final month before the fiscal year is out, with knowledge of your upcoming budget and employment plans. If you are armed with the knowledge that 10 new opportunities are available, why not put the groundwork in now.

As the new year begins, so will other areas of business. By investing time over the next few weeks into recruiting, you’ll have your team in place, ready to excel in other areas and work towards your 2019 goals!

Step into Christmas… and the workplace!

A further benefit of recruiting in December is the increase of opportunities to involve your new hires. This time of year allows for a greater transition into your company culture. Provide your new employees with opportunities to slowly grasp your dynamics, while utilising the relaxed period to train up to your company standards.

Not only will this time prepare them for your new year plans, it will allow them to get involved with the team and get to know each member of staff on a personal level before the busier periods begin. We all know how important a close company culture is!

It’s Christmas time… time for flexibility!

As workplaces settle down, candidates become more flexible to fill out application forms, answer calls and attend interviews. Their mind is no longer on their workplace responsibilities, as Christmas time inspires time for reflection. Reflection on finances, future opportunities and a fresh start.

You can make the most of this unusual level of flexibility, for both yourself and candidates, by promoting your current vacancies and moving them through the recruitment funnel before the 25th December!

You will thank yourself once January comes and you’re busy juggling many responsibilities, with the knowledge that your recruitment is ticked off the list!

The gift of a new role!

There are many jobseekers out there concerned about their future career steps, wondering whether an appropriate role will come up in time for Christmas. If you have vacancies in the pipeline, you could provide the gift of a new role, allowing your new starters to enjoy the festive season. This will go down very well with your new recruits along with adding value to your employer brand.

Although a time of joy, for many it can be a time of uncertainty and struggle. Provide a helping hand by moving your application process forward!

Here’s where we can offer a helping hand this Christmas….

If you are looking to source and attract top IT and Digital talent this festive season, our team at We Source can work with you to increase your visibility and attract the very best people!

We understand that you may be busy finishing off projects for the year, and recruitment may not be in your plans. However, we can do the hard work for you and find high calibre candidates ideal for your workplace.

Christmas is the time of giving, and we are ready to help both candidates and clients with their recruitment needs!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 01244 455222 /


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