Are You Ready To Recruit Top Talent in January?


With 2019 around the corner, how have your recruitment efforts been this past year? Did you do the groundwork and utilise December, one of the best times of the year, to recruit top talent? If not, it’s time to get to work and recruit the best of the best this upcoming January!

There are many reasons why the New Year is a great time to expand your team and welcome in some top talent. Many job seekers are experiencing the return to work blues after a lovely Christmas break. Searching the web for new roles, applying and resigning are activities on the horizon for many job seekers over the next few weeks. Do you want to miss out on the influx of top digital talent on the lookout or do you want to utilise this and recruit?

Additionally, this is a great time to set new goals for your company. What better way to achieve them than to recruit top talent to bring innovative ideas to help drive you forward? Providing a great kickstart to 2019!

If you are on the fence on whether to recruit and invest both time and effort into building your team this January, read on….

Why recruit top talent this January?

There’s a large pool of active talent

January sees a large influx of talent looking for new opportunities. Now you may have thought that December saw an increase of job seeker engagement. In actual fact, January is one of the most popular times to scope out a brand-new role. This is exactly why you should look to recruit this upcoming month.

As the year progresses, the size of the talent pool will decrease, slowly increasing as summer returns. With knowledge that the amount of determined digital talent will decrease over time, surely this is a motive to recruit, recruit and recruit some more?

Imagine having the pick from the best digital talent out there?

A New Year brings greater open mindedness

A New Year brings new opportunities, and people are much more susceptible and open minded to them. Not all positions are filled with active job seekers. When looking to recruit top talent, passive candidates are sometimes attracted and brought into the process.

As January brings a fresh, ‘New Year New Me ‘mindset, many people may be open to considering what you have to offer. If your offering is attractive, you will attract passive candidates throughout the whole year. However, if you do wait a few months to recruit top talent, there’s a risk that individuals will become content and are less likely to be swayed.

Now is the time to identify your demand to recruit top talent, and the best possible period to do so.

A New Year offers new goals

Along with providing a fresh start for potential employees, you’re offering a fresh start to set and fulfil company goals. If your aim is to progress further in 2019, looking to recruit top talent could be your answer. This is one of the best ways to bring new dynamics into the workplace by injecting differing outlooks and ideas.

Not only will this benefit your workplace, it could help you differentiate and set yourself apart from your competitors. Starting off the year positively is always recommended! Recruiting fresh top talent will set you on the right track…

Greater financial situation

For many companies, the start of a New Year brings a new budget ready to use on recruitment. If this is your situation, it would be recommended to map out your budget and spend greater amounts on the most active periods. With January being one of the busier times, looking to recruit top talent should definitely be on your forecast.

If you’re looking for a productive 2019, looking to recruit top talent in January should be a priority. Along with the likelihood of attracting the best digital talent out there, you’re setting your team up for greater success while using your recruitment budget wisely. If you’re concerned that January is soon approaching, and your recruitment strategy isn’t in place, consider working with a specialised recruitment agency today.

If you’re in need of a helping hand to attract and engage with the best IT & digital talent, the team at We Source Group can help! We are on hand to help you recruit and welcome your next team member! Contact our team now to put in the groundwork, ready to kickstart 2019 productively! 01244 455222 /

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